10/6 2019

Results from the middle distance

That was it! The test for JWOC 2019 is over, and we have learnt a lot. We hope everybody had a fine time in the terrains.
Results can - as the other days - be found in the menu above.
Photos will be here shortly as well.

9/6 2019

Results from the long distance

A small problem - a computer forgotten in the finish area with all the results - means that the results and split times unfortunately haven't been available here until now.

8/6 2019

Results from the sprint

As most of you on site noticed, we had some serious problems with the finish times. To be able to reconstruct the correct finish times we would have to collect all SI cards, which was impossible as several runners had left at the time, we understood the problem.
Instead we have chosen to use the punch at the last control as the official results.

Results and split times can now be found in the menu above.

7/6 2019

Finish procedure and maximum running times

Procedure for finish (finish punch) and maximum running times have been added to Bulletin 2. Unfortunately they were forgotten in the original version.

6/6 2019

Updated start lists

There has been some change requests for the start lists, so they have been updated. There has also been some requests for renting SIAC which is in process. So the SI numbers may change, if you or your coach has made such a request.

5/6 2019

Bulletin 1.1

Bulletin 2 is now ready as well as the start lists.

13/5 2019

Bulletin 1.1

An updated bulletin 1.1 has been made with changes in the entry procedure - and a reduced entry fee!
Please use the entry form linked to in the bulletin.

27/4 2019

Minor corrections to Bulletin 1

The map scale for course 1 and 2 will be 1:15.000 in the Long Distance.

10/2 2019

OK Pan / SOK invites you to selections races for JWOC 2019

OK Pan and Silkeborg OK - the organizers behind JWOC 2019 - invites you to a test event on June 8-10 2019 in the areas around Aarhus and Silkeborg.
The terrains are relevant for JWOC and the mappers and course setters are the same as for JWOC.
There will be three races - sprint, middle and long distance.

Event directors

Torben Jørgensen, Silkeborg OK,+45 28551665,
Flemming Nørgaard, OK PAN, +45 40604461,